Beach Essentials

My current beach essentials

When going regularly to the beach you need to know exactly what is going to be in your bag, especially when your going with kids. Otherwise, you just keep adding more and more things and it becomes a bit messy and stressful. Definitly don’t want that!



I have very sensitive eyes in the sun so when it’s really bright my eyes go all watery. I always have to put sunglasses on. They are super important to keep your eyes protected from the UV damage that can be caused by the sun, like cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and skin cancer.



Not that I ever get much time to read on the beach when I’m with the kids but I’m ever hopeful. At the moment this is what I’m reading  Mindfulness by Joseph Goldstein. It’s about mindfulness of the body, mind and feelings. It’s very spiritual and by reading it I have truly felt better with my inner self.



Definitly one the best entertainment options for the beach. The kids enjoy it as much as we do which is always a plus and it’s also good exercise right? Especially when you get good at it.



These are the Spanish equivalent to Pampers Splashers. My 4 month baby girl is loving going to the beach and these work really well. They´re comfortable and don’t leak.  Definitly a MUST.



This is the first thing I put into my beach bag.  Although we go down to the beach in the late afternoon, putting on sunscreen is essential.  I use the Babaria Dry Oil with SPF 25 on my body and the Biore Aqua Rich on my face.  I also use the Biore on my daughter because she needs the highest protection and this one is amazing.  It’s my number 1.



Well these are my essentials, I don’t go without them.

We are having a horrible heat wave here at the moment so the beach is our best plan.  It’s just 5 minutes walking distance and as you can see, it’s beautiful.

What are your beach essentials?