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Leia’s first time at the beach

Guys, welcome to my daughters first time in the sea!

Leia is my 4 month old baby girl and she is so perfect.  Beeing a mom is great, so far, I am really enjoying this beautiful experience.

So a few weeks ago when it started to get really hot, I took Leia to a swimming pool and dipped her in for like 10 min.  She was only 2 and a half months old and to be honest I was kinda sceptical,  I didn’t want her to be in the cold water for too long.  Now that it’s even hotter and seeing that she did like to be in the water,  we took her down to the beach.

We arrived at about 6.30pm, when the temperature has gone down and the sun dosn’t burn.  Here where we live, the heat becomes unbearable because of the humidity so we make sure we go out when it’s a bit cooler.  So if you live in a hot country like I do, keep in mind when you’re taking your baby to the beach, it’s late afternoon and always remember to cover her or put strong sunscreen protection.



As you guys can see, not alot of face expressions.  But, she did like it, meaning she didn’t cry which is always a good sign.

 Besides, I loved it!