A bit about me

Hello everyone!

I love Fashion and Beauty, it goes hand in hand don´t you think?

I´m a skin care addict and I love to share tips & knowledge with those like me.  Beauty secrets, skin care, makeup and diets etc…

Also, I’ve recently had a baby and throughout my pregnancy i’ve had alot of time on my hands, therefore, a lot of time of internet browsing and netflix.

I looked up all the different questions I had about my pregnancy and delivery, and what would happen after.  Also for all the things I would need for a newborn and I came across a wide range of new mums on Youtube telling me all about it.

It was incredibly helpful, I spent hours browsing Youtube on tips from different mums and different experiences to get a wide range of opinions so I could know what to expect.

I thought it was so helpful that I thought I would also share my experiences to help others.


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