Skin Care

How to get a healthy tan


We all love to go down to the beach to enjoy the sun and get a tan, but are you protecting your skin properly?

The Sun gives off UVA & UVB light.  UVA penetrates the skin more deeply and plays a major part in skin aging and wrinkling.  UVB plays the biggest role in skin cáncer and dark spots. So protecting your skin is super important. Here are a few tips to get a healthy tan for summer:

  • H2O!     We all know this by now, drinking plenty of water is very important for staying hydrated but also for keeping the skin properly hydrated.
  • TIME     The amount of time you spend under the sun.  Spending a whole day under the sun can be very damaging.  Taking breaks will reduce exposure to UVA & UVB, hence you will be at less risk to sunburn, therefore, a healthier tan.  It is important to choose also what time you go out to tan, try to avoid the greatest UV strength which is between 12.00 and 16.00 pm.
  • FOOD     Some of our food is great for protecting us against sun damage.  Foods like tomatoes, carrots, peppers & watermelons contain lycopene, our own SPF if you like. Studies have found that this can increase our sun protection by 20- 30%!
  • SUNSCREEN     Always use sunscreen, a 50+ if possible.  I personally buy mine from Japan.  They have some of the best sunscreens.  I love them and really recommend this one: BIORE UV AQUA RICH.
  • AFTERSUN     Finally, after spending time in the sun, always moisturize! I enjoy a nice cold shower and some Aloe Vera Gel all over, if consequently i’ve over done it.  Otherwise, any good quality body moisturizer will do.

Thats it for my go-to tricks for a healthy summer glow, if you have any please leave them in the comment section below.7