What to expect – 1st Trimester

The 1st Trimester

I’m a new Mum of a 3 month old girl and i’m loving it!  If you’re reading this and you’re expecting, Congrats!
Being a mum is really amazing and rewarding, you’re in for a beautiful experience, a lifetime experience.

Being pregnant is tough and it’s gonna feel like it’s forever.  But it’s not.  It goes quicker than you think.  So obviously you’re gonna have loads of questions, first let me refer you to this book.  About 90% of all women that have had kids have read this book: What to expect when you’re expecting by Heidi Murkoff.  It will answer most of your questions.

The 1st trimester was the hardest for me (remember, ALL pregnancies are different).  I felt incredibly tired and sick.  I had lots of morning sickness and car sickness.  My job is about 20-25 min drive away, so everyday was just hard.  As soon as I would get to work I would vomit, then work the whole shift  (I work in a restaurant so it’s intense work most of the day) and then the drive back home.  I would occasionally vomit again then too but mostly I’d feel dizzy and with like no energy.  After a hard day’s work you normally don’t have any energy anyway, but with the pregnancy it felt so much harder.  There were days that I even just fell asleep on breaks.

On top of that, food became complicated.  I stopped liking the things I really enjoyed and no, I did not get any cravings.  So in this trimester I ate very little.  Alot of the food just stopped tasting nice and I felt sick most of the time.  I mostly could eat packet noodles and chicken soup…  So by the end of month 3, I had lost 2 kilos instead of putting weight on.  This is not that uncommon, it happens.  Your body is changing so much!

In the 1st trimester you can expect fatigue, extreme fatigue (which you should report to your doctor), cravings or aversions ( like what I experienced), frequent urination, heartburn, constipation, bleeding (always ask your doctor about this), mood swings and weight gain.  The additional hormones in your body mean for many, emotions can be all over the place, so remember, be kind to yourself.  Your body is going through so much, keep calm and have some patience.  In the 2nd trimester it gets easier, usually.

If this is your first baby try to be supportive of each other. You’re going to have some mood swings and grouchiness and your partner isn’t really gonna know what to do to help out. The best thing you can do is just explain how you’re feeling every day, convey your needs and be understanding about one another.  There is a long road ahead, communication is very important.

Also, be prepared to see your baby about 2-3 times by ultrasound this trimester and probably you will get a blood test.


See you next time to talk about the 2nd trimester! xx