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Back to work after having a baby

Getting back to work after having a baby


Giving birth is hard but having a baby is incredible.

After giving birth, a woman’s body has to go through the whole process of recovery and it takes time, alot of time. Sometimes more, sometimes less. We all heal differently.

My experience, I’ve recovered quicker I guess than most women. It’s been 5 1/2 months and I feel like myself again, I even got my period back while still breastfeeding. I’ve lost all the baby fat and I’m back to work.

Like they say, if it takes 9 months for your body to make a baby you should give your body 9 months and a bit more to recover right?   In my case it took a little less time but I owe that to being young and to having a strong body and healthy lifestyle before getting pregnant. And that definitly helped.

Getting back to work is hard. Wishing you had more time to just be at home with your baby and not being able to is simply hard. Especially for a new mom.

I’m lucky in the way that I work at my boyfriend’s restaurant, so I don’t have to leave her at a nursery yet, she comes with us and I’m breastfeeing still so leaving her would be even more of a struggle!  But getting back into work while still breastfeeing and still getting used to being a new mom and having a baby who needs you 24/7 is complicated. Trying to find a way to manage it, physically and emotionally can become a real struggle some days.  We work really hard all day and it’s truly a struggle to try and keep it all together.

But we do. We support eachother so much.

Although I wish I had had more time to spend at home with her, I’m lucky to have the place where I work and have my baby girl with me all day. But I do say, my days become incredibly long!  Before you have a baby you don’t really know what the phrase of ‘A working mom’ really means.  But let me tell you, I know now!

The working all day, the breastfeeding, having your baby with you, cooking, cleaning and tiding up.  I am exhausted by the end of the day let me tell you…!

My entire routine has changed and balancing work with the household chores, a new baby, it’s certainly a challenge, but a worthwhile one.

My tips?

  • Understand where you’re at in life and commit to it.
  • Balance your life without letting it overwhelm you and your partner.
  • Plan your days, make room for quality time with your baby.
  • Get enough sleep!
  • Help eachother out and lean on one another.
  • If you’re finding it really hard, remember that it will get better, just don’t rush it.