Baby Essentials 0 – 6 months

Baby’s first few months essentials


This is my first child and like every new mom, I had no idea what things I would need,asking myself should I buy this? Is it to soon for that? Have I really got all the things I’m going to need?

Leia is now 6 months old and it has been amazing. In the end I figured out that I needed less than I thought I would at the beginning. So here is my list of baby essentials that is easy and affordable for every mom.

*A lot of these products are from Amazon, not because im sponsoring, but because for me it was the best option and Amazon are pretty great for good deals and good prices.


  • Crib, crib pillow & bed linen set from Ikea ( link here ). I found that cribs and bed covers here are really good for price and great quality.
  • Changing table from Ikea (link here ). Many changing tables are expensive so I think this is a very good option. If you can’t find one suitable for your budget don´t forget, you can always change your baby on your bed.
  • Baby Carrier from This one works really well but there are so many different options.  After your baby is able to hold his/her head up, this becomes very useful, especially if you’re a busy mom who is constantly multi-tasking!
  • Dribble bibs, so useful let me tell you. These are super cute and very affordable. My baby was dribbling a lot by 2 – 3 months and still does now that her first tooth has come through. Babies do dribble a lot more than you think at first so they come in handy to help keep their cloths dry.
  • Invest in good quality feeding bottles. This NUK one is good, they are my personal favorite when it comes to bottles and teets. You also have Avent, like this one, that are a really good brand. Even if you are breastfeeding, get one and have it in the house because you might need it at some point.
  • Teething toys. You’ll know when to buy these. They won’t stop the pain or the crying but they do help. Try get more than one so your little one won’t get bored easily. A good tip, keep them in the fridge. The cold will help soothe the gums.
  • Nappy Cream. They are absolutely not all the same. I’ve tried plenty on the market and I have not yet found a better one than Sudocrem. Leia got a persistant nappy rash and we had run out of Sudocrem so we tried many other brands, and good brands, to try to soothe her bum but nothing was working. So we ordered more Sudocrem and the nappy rash disappeared in just a few days.  I definitely recommend it.
  • Playmats. There are many different types of playmats so it’s a bit tricky to pick one but we got this one and she happily rolls around on it but isn’t that fussed to be honest.  Playmats are great so that your baby has a safe and comfy area to play in, especially when she learns to roll over and have lots of tummy time. If you have the budget I recommend this one.


I also did buy some second-hand toys. Buying all new toys can get very pricy, especially as babies this age don’t always pay that much attention to them after the initial introduction. There are many families out there that have lots of toys that they don’t need anymore and are happy to pass them on to new parents. So that is definitely something you should consider if you are on a budget as a new mom.

So that’s it for my essentials, I hope it’s helpful for some of you new mommy’s out there.