Marineland Park

Welcome to our day at the animal park


I must say, I enjoyed it more than anyone else.  I’m just an animal lover and these creatures are beautiful.

The park was very clean, the staff were kind, helpful and all the animals seemed very well maintained. We went to see the Sea Lion & Dolphin show, which was amazing and then I got to have a sneak peak at one of the dolphin training pools, I think I would love to have that job.

The kids ofcourse enjoyed it. My baby Leia ( she’s 4 1/2 months now) just loved seeing all the cool colours and hearing animal noise for the first time. It’s definitely a good place to spend the afternoon and it’s very entertaining. It’s not very big so it’s not one of those parks that takes you hours to go around which is handy when you´re with kids.

One of the funny things that happend was when we went into the avery. We were just walking through, stopped to see some ducklings and suddenly, Marc ( my lovely and sexy boyfriend) felt Leia move in an odd way and he turned around to see that a parrot was resting its beak on her head!  He freaked out thinking that the parrot was about to attack her and in doing so scared his son into thinking the parrot was dangerous. A chain reaction ensued, however, it turned out that the parrot was just cheekily having fun. So I reached my hand out slowly to see his reaction and he reached his foot out, so of course, he jumped straight onto my hand until he started to try to eat my finger so in the end I put him back on his rope.


I hope you guys enjoy this post! xx

2 thoughts on “Marineland Park”

  1. Hola,

    Genial post, me han entrado ganas de volver a Marineland y tu hija ha heredado tus mofletes, es super kawaii 🙂

    Has pensado en pasarte al formato video en Youtube ¿? Creo que seria mejor opcion hoy en dia 😛

    PD: He intentado escribir lo en Ingles, pero mi Ingles apesta, incluso con el traductor de Google xD


    1. Hola,

      No pasa nada, hablo castellano perfectamente!
      Gracias por el comentario, nos lo pasamos muy bien en Marineland 🙂

      Si he pensando en Youtube, tengo planes de empezar pronto.

      Saludos xx

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