Methods to keep your baby cool

Keeping your baby cool in summer


Here in Spain, especially the part where we live, is super hot and not only that but there is extreme humidity so it makes the summer months intense and sometimes hard to cope. You literally sweat all day long and then all night long too. So you need to have some cooling methods in place. Also this year, we have had our baby girl as you guys know and it has become a full time job some days to keep her cool and today i’m going to share with you my best methods.



I do this plenty of times throughout the day.  Get a bowl with some cold water, grab a clean small towel and soak it. Then just pat your baby down with it.  It’s very effective. I like to place the towel on her head because that cools her down the quickest.


I carry this all around the house and I use it on myself as well as on her.  Just use a small spray bottle filled with some mineral water and add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil. This will help moisturize your skin at the same time, it helps you and your little one cool down!



If you don’t have one of these, I definitely recommend it.  This one is from Toys’r’us and she loves to play in it.  I just put some cold water in and add some bubble bath to make it smell nice.  She is only 4 months old so I keep hold of her so she is up right and then we just play with the water or some toys.  For her, playing with the water is all so new so it’s very entertaining, this is really good for extremely hot days.





Every night we make sure to give her a bath.  As i’ve mention before, we spend most of the day just sweating so it’s important to keep her skin clean.  It’s also a plus, because this little one falls asleep right after her bath and sleeps all night long.  We love it!

We have airconditiong in our bedroom so we stick it on when ever she feeds or sleeps.  Not for very long, just enough to cool the bedroom down. I don’t know if you know this but when babies feed, their body tempurature rises so here in this weather, it makes us both sweat even more!  Giving the room a blast of cold air is a must.

We also keep fans around the house.  Most days we don´t even get a breeze so you can imagine how unbearable it can be. It’s mostly between 34 – 40 degrees here and with the humidy it makes it a sensation of up to 42 – 43 degrees!  Hot, Hot, Hot.


These are my small tips on helping babies get through the hot summer months. What are yours?